John Kolb

John Kolb


John Kolb

Investment Advisor


P: 855-38-PRIME (77463) Ext. 102

Beginning his career in 1999, John Kolb offers extensive experience in the Central Florida real estate market. After obtaining his building contractor’s license in ’99, Mr. Kolb quickly began growing his own upstart construction company, which was soon known for integrity, and a high level of quality, both architecturally and in its business practices. This company swiftly became one of Central Florida’s premier custom home building firms, with clients throughout the greater Orlando area.

It is in his past experiences as an owner operator of several businesses that Mr. Kolb brings unique knowledge to the table. As a personal real estate investor, with a contracting background he has cultivated over the past 12 years, John is able to apply his specialized industry knowledge and visualize the big picture. It is through his unique fusion of investment and construction experience that Mr. Kolb is able to approach projects with a broader perspective, bringing each job to a profitable end.

Mr. Kolb’s biggest strength lies with the extensive network he has built, including real estate and contracting professionals. These valuable connections assure that the right deals are handled with the right level of quality in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

By being in touch with today’s real estate climate, Mr. Kolb is able to apply his talent for assessing the potential value of a property. Utilizing the practical knowledge to lead each project to fruition, his advisement is vital. John has a knack for recognizing the promise of value in property. By knowing which properties to acquire, and where and how to make improvements, he can effectively increase the property’s value.

John prides himself on his ability to learn and grow with each project. By taking each opportunity to fine-tune his strategies, he is able to steer investments in the right direction.

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