Our Philosophy


Prime Pinnacle LLC’s philosophy is to provide our members with Capital Preservation & Growth through a well designed business plan, capable management, effective cost control program, significant earning capacity and solid debt management. Prime Pinnacle LLC is one of the most conservative, if not the most conservative, private investment companies in our industry. Our asset investing and underwriting standards are second-to-none and all of our Investment Strategies are designed to eliminate most, if not all, market risk for our members.

The time and the place for conservative, steady investments is here and now. With unprecedented volatility in the equity markets and similar uncertainty in both residential and commercial property markets, there has never been a better opportunity to make investments for a fraction of the depressed value of prime real estate. Trust Deed Investing is the answer for the times, and it provides everything that the sophisticated investor could want: security, extremely limited risk, and steady returns at a superior rate. No other product can offer the type of risk-reward scenario that Prime Pinnacle LLC Investment Strategies can.

As a a private investment company, our philosophy is equity-focused. We seek opportunities to make secured investments.  As part of our business model, we will engage in highly secured/low leverage loans that are supported by sufficient collateral to ensure that our principal is safe, even in the event of a loan default. We always account for future accrued interest, legal fees and downward market shifts when we underwrite our loans. We believe that this conservatism is essential to property structuring Trust Deed Investments if you’re planning to always come out ahead – and nobody does it better than Prime Pinnacle.

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