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Who is Prime Pinnacle? Prime Pinnacle is a Private Alternative Investment Company. We provide Alternative Investments for both Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors. We develop Joint Ventures as well as manage friends and family funds via Private Placement Memorandum(PPM).  We engage in many types of investments: private lending, trust deed investing, fixed income, asset based investments, etc.  We provide our members with the opportunity to participate in very conservative asset-based investments.  Our management team has over 45 years of experience with these types of investing and have been using them to build personal wealth for decades.

What does Prime Pinnacle Invest In?

Undervalued Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Rehabs/Flips, Rental Properties, Well Secured Private Loans. Private Loans are safe, well-secured investment products that yield double-digit returns and provide a fixed, reliable income to our members.

What is a Trust Deed Investment?

A Trust Deed Investment is a fixed income investment tool that is secured by a note and Deed of Trust. Trust Deed Investments are the result of private money loans – conservative loans made by individuals that are secured by valuable real estate.

Why Haven’t I Heard of Trust Deed Investing?

Trust Deed Investing is a form of alternative asset. In most cases, they’re not publicly traded and therefore not considered a mainstream investment. However, sophisticated investors have been using private loans to grow their wealth for decades. In fact, they’re one of the most basic financial products in existence.

What is a Mortgage Pool?

A Mortgage Pool or Mortgage Fund is an entity that invests in or makes private loans that are secured by real estate. The fund is capitalized by a group of private investors that each own a share of the Pool. The Fund Manager selects appropriate investments and manages them, distributing dividends to the Pool’s investors on a monthly basis.

Is Prime Pinnacle a Mortgage Pool and Where Do I Get More Information About This Type of Investing?

For beginning members, Prime Pinnacle will provide you with our Guide to Trust Deed Investing. It can be downloaded from our website, or request to have your own copy mailed to you today. Otherwise, request a complete Member Kit to learn more about Prime Pinnacle and the benefits of investing with us.

What Kind of Returns Should I Expect in These Type of Investments?

All Prime Pinnacle investments are structured to achieve minimum double-digit returns. However, private real estate loans range from 9-15% returns.  Consumer Loans range from 12-30% returns. Rehab/Flips Returns range from 9-40% or more. All Prime Pinnacle investments are structured to achieve double-digit returns at the minimum. Important Note: The returns mentioned above are not guarantees. All investments carry risks.

How Safe are Trust Deed Investments?

If done properly, private lending is one of the most conservative, consistent and safe investments around. The risk-reward scenario created by a properly structured Trust Deed product is second-to-none.

If I Invest, When Can I Expect to Get My Money Back?

With Prime Pinnacle, you do retain liquidity despite the fact that you’re investing in a fixed-term product. With the Prime Pinnacle Member Liquidity Program, you have the opportunity to get your investment back without penalty even if the term of your loan hasn’t matured. It’s just another way that we look out for the best interests of our members.

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