About Us

Prime Pinnacle LLC is a Private Investment Management Company that currently manages friends/family funds. We use a top-rated asset-based investing strategy. Prime Pinnacle focuses on investments in high demand niche real estate markets and products.  Additionally,we make private money loans which employ some of the most conservative asset underwriting standards around, to ensure that every loan that we make is well-secured and investment-grade. Our positioning as a smaller, private firm gives us a distinct advantage in the marketplace because we’re able to hand pick the best opportunities and harvest only the best opportunities for Prime Pinnacle Members.


Simple & Easy to Understand Answers Who is Prime Pinnacle? Prime Pinnacle is a Private Alternative Investment Company. We provide Alternative Investments for both Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors. We develop Joint Ventures as well as manage friends and family funds via


What We Do

We Provide Alternative Investment Opportunities For All Investors Prime Pinnacle is on its way to becoming one of the world's leading private, alternative asset management firms. Our principals are the largest single investor in each of Prime Pinnacle’s Funds and Joint


Our Philosophy

  Prime Pinnacle LLC’s philosophy is to provide our members with Capital Preservation & Growth through a well designed business plan, capable management, effective cost control program, significant earning capacity and solid debt management. Prime Pinnacle LLC is one of the most conservative, if



Our Management Team Carefully Reviews Every Opportunity. Our management team doesn't just invest member's money. The Management Team will deploy the most Conservative and Selective Investment Strategies as a tool for safety and security to build both their own and the


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